Richard Every Architect Ltd provide design and project management services for a wide range of commercial projects from apartments, student accommodation and factory refits.

28 Apartments Manchester.

Set in a narrow site, 28 no 1 and 2 bed apartments The site is situated with a school on the south side and a mix of two storey and 3.5 storey on the north side. The development is split into two separate blocks set back to provide a garden area in the middle. Each block has its own bin store facing onto the side road. The garden area also provides natural ventilation to the carpark below.

74 bed Student accommodation, Liverpool.

Set on 4 floors in a busy street in Liverpool this student accommodation block contains gym and laundry facilities. Cycle storage is provided to the rear.

Proposed Bakery feasibility study. North West.

Set in approximately 19 acres this new bakery hub would be self-contained and provide 126,000 sqft of building containing Ingredients, chilled and frozen storage, mixing area with two production lines, bread and pastry. 13000sqft of office space with packing and frozen/chilled distribution space. The site would contain 444 car parking spaces including 26 accessible spaces, 64 tractor unit bays, 32 trailer bays. A vehicle maintenance unit, fuel station and washing area would ensure the site is self-contained. Site analysis was undertaken of several sites within the northwest.