Richard Every Architect is on the approved list of architects for the Diocese of Blackburn providing Quinquennial Inspections. We develop a strong relationship with church wardens and the PCC to assist with ongoing or preventative maintenance and projects including reordering, refurbishment and furniture.

St Marys Church, Rufford

Works to West Elevation

Long term water ingress was damaging the internal finishes and threatening the future of the building fabric. After investigation the cause was found to be the flashing beneath and adjacent to the copings of the west elevation parapet. The copings were lifted and reinstated after the lead flashings were replaced. A new lead cover flashing was placed over the copings to ensure a water tight junction due to the adjacent slates sitting above the lead flashings. The cast iron rainwater goods were refurbished and a wireless theft detection system was installed to deter lead theft. Cost of works approximately £40,000.

Refurbishment of External Doors

Deterioration of the doors and frames had resulted in water ingress and movement of the frames causing cracking in the surrounding stone and brickwork. Doors and frames were repaired and repainted.

Repair to Vestry Copings

The copings along the vestry parapets were unsecure with damaged kneelers as a result of poor practice when the roof was repaired. The copings were sliding down the sloping parapet causing crushing of the facing bricks and a rotational movement at the top of the wall. The copings were repaired by cramp fixing the broken kneelers and dowelling each coping to its neighbour.

Ringing Room

The ringing room is situated below the tower. This area was open to the church but did not have any seating or storage. To define the ringing room an open screen was installed between aisle and nave with a ringing bench closing off the ringing room from the aisle. The reverse side of the ringers’ bench contained book shelves for hymn books and storage was provided beneath the bench lid. The screens and bench were made by Mr John Heap a local cabinet maker who also provided the furniture for Tarleton Holy Trinity.

  • QIR
  • Roof repairs and repainting
  • Ringing room screens and furniture

Tarleton Holy Trinity Church

Works to Spire 

Water ingress through the spire was causing damage to the internal finishes. Investigations were carried out, initially using drone survey and then by specialists High Level Maintenance. Fixed ladder access was installed temporarily, and work carried out from Bosuns chair. The spire was We also took the opportunity to clear the bell tower vents of birds nests and install guard mesh to prevent further bird access to the tower. Twenty-four bin bags of twigs, leaves and dead birds were removed from the bell tower vents.

Refurbishment of Vestries and New Furniture 

The vestries to the east end of church were refurbished and new furniture installed. Wet and dry rot was found in the east wall and required treatment. Existing plaster to the walls and ceiling was repaired. The furniture was made by Mr John Heap a local cabinet maker who also provided the furniture for St Marys at Rufford.

  • QIR
  • Works to spire and roof
  • Refurbishment of vestries and furniture

Bolton Road Methodist Church, Bolton Road, Bury

  • QIR